Can You Identify The Problem The Hiring Manager Has?
You will not get the job offer unless the hiring manager believes you can solve the problem they currently have.
I'm confused....
I really wanted that job!
I don’t understand what happened. 

Why did they offer the job to someone else? 

When I asked them, they just said that they went with a candidate that was better qualified. I had everything they were looking for. How did this happen? What am I going to do?

Have you ever been in this situation? It's frustrating, right?
Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter that you have the right skillset....
You will not get the job offer unless the hiring manager believes you can solve the problem they currently have.
And I’ll add that while you’re solving that problem, they want to enjoy working with you.

I said that it doesn’t matter that you have the right skillset. Let me be clear that yes, you need to show that you have the ABILITY to do the job, but it’s not all that matters - or even the most important thing. 

Have you heard the saying "Second place is the first loser"?

When you leave that interview and the hiring manager goes on to interview the other 10 candidates they’ve selected, if you don't stay top of mind, you might as well be at the bottom. 

The biggest problem I have seen with my previous clients is the assumption that because they are good at their job they can get another one.

If only it were that easy...

As someone that has interviewed many candidates for corporate jobs, I can tell you the decision to hire someone IS NOT solely based on their abilities. 

When I'm interviewing candidates, I am looking at many different factors and you MUST score high in all areas to be considered for the job. If you don't, I know there will be someone after you that will.
I absolutely believe that job security is knowing you can get a job whenever you want to or need to.
Lay-offs are a regular thing in corporate. It used to be that you could work hard, be rewarded, and stay at a company for years. Today, companies downsize and out-source on a regular basis. It's very commonplace and it's become a cycle. Out-source a department, lay-off a percentage of staff, everyone left works extended hours. Six months or a year later, they start hiring again. Another year and the cycle starts again. 

Your job security relies on your ability to sell yourself as the best solution to a problem...

My mission is to help you always present yourself as that solution.
I was let go...
I worked for a company that was sold to another company. The new company didn't need human resources, software testers, business analysts or most of the other roles employees were filling. They had them already on their team.
Severance package? Yeah, sure. I got 3 weeks of pay. After carrying my stuff to my car, I started to panic. My kids were in elementary and middle school. My husband was a carpenter. We RELIED on my salary. I needed a job. 

I always go into action mode when I'm stressed. I went home and updated my resume. I posted it on job sites. I scoured those sites and applied for jobs. 

I started feeling better. I wasn't concerned about the interview process, I had years of experience and always received great feedback on my work.

It took 3 months and multiple interviews before I landed a job. And to be honest, I took the first one offered to me. It wasn't the salary I wanted or the environment, but I was desperate at that point.

Guess what happens when you do something in desperation. 

You regret it. 

I stayed there for 8 months, miserable. I decided I would never make that mistake again!

But...that meant I had to figure out HOW to get the job I wanted. I bought books, watched videos, talked to friends and family and after a few months of research, and a lot of money,  I discovered where I went wrong. 

I assumed the interview was about me. That the interview was about getting the hiring manager to agree that I had the skills to do the job. But it wasn't about me. It was about THEM. 

As soon as I realized that, I was able to take all of the knowledge I had gained from my research and create a repeatable process for interviewing so that I was in the driver's seat! That's right, by making the interview about them, I gained control. 

Teresa Bennett
I’ve worked in a corporate environment for 28 years as an employee and then a manager responsible for interviewing and making hiring decisions. 

I help private clients create their own unique interview process.

When my clients follow a specific, repeatable process, they are able to take the job they believe is the best fit for them - not the first offer they get after months of trying.
Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Knew You Could Get A Job Anytime You Wanted To...
No more stressing about work.

When I came to this realization, I started valuing myself more. I stopped always trying to "please". I was no longer the one that always volunteered for another project or to work extra time to meet insane deadlines. I knew my worth and as a I became more confident, I gained more respect in the work place.

My business analyst career really took off at that point and I quickly moved to a management role which allowed me to mentor business analysts. That brought me to my next realization. I wanted to help other business analysts be successful. 

I started with privately coaching BAs one-on-one. Then I provided group coaching and training related to job skills and also provided training to corporations for their BA teams. 

Private coaching is expensive because it's time-consuming and there's only so many hours available in a day. I charge $199 per hour with a 3 hour minimum commitment. I knew I had to find a way to help more people for less money. 

What I am about to offer you is the culmination of years of  trial and error and trial and success used to create a process that works - for myself and my clients. And that's affordable!
It's like riding a bike. Once you know the RIGHT way to approach an interview, you don't forget. Knowledge is power and if you have the knowledge, you have control over your career.

Wouldn't it be amazing to create this job security for yourself without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to do it?
The BA Interview Success Bundle is Now Available!
135 Page Guide to Successful Business Analyst Interviews That Includes Over 50 Example Answers, 40 Behavioral Competency Definitions and So Much More!
Here's Everything You Get In The Business Analyst Interview Success Bundle...
Guide to Successful Business Analyst Interviews

40 Behavioral Competencies With Definitions 

Over 50 Example Answers!

The 3 Fundamental Questions Managers are Really Asking

10 + Follow-up Questions You Need to be Prepared to Answer

9 Probing Questions to Ask...and more!
The IT Analyst Interview Q&A and Resume Tips Guide

This guide includes:
  • Interview questions and answers for both business analysts and software testers (I started my IT career in software testing and later managed a BA team) that are specific to the tasks you do.
  • Responses for overqualified job candidates
  • Example resumes
  • And more!
On The BA Job Market Presentation

You'll get a copy of the exact presentation I have used for live webinar trainings on BA job searches, phone and in-person interviews, and common mistakes to avoid. 
These digital resources will be delivered to you through our exclusive member's area where you have unlimited access to your materials. Can't find your download? No problem, just pop in and grab another copy!

I'm also including some exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!
Bonus #1 ​- Two Interview Follow-up Templates
Formatted and Written for You!

With so many candidates to choose from, you want to do everything you can to make sure you are number one!

Use the templates to immediately send a follow-up to re-affirm you are interested in the job and that you are the right choice for them.

Just plug in your specific information and go!
Bonus #2 - A Guide to Improving Your Memory
Your Memory is a Key Factor to Success

Do you have difficulty memorizing things? You need to have your Success Stories on the tip of your tongue to sound natural and confident. 

This 25 page guide will give you specific ways to strengthen your retentive ability and improve your memory.
Bonus #3 - A Guide to Achieving Your Goals
Step-by-Step Workbook

This 32 page workbook will walk you through defining your goals, defining your inventory (it's not what you think) and then how to achieve the goals you have.
Bonus #4 - Why you get Nervous and How to Stop it
Nervousness is Your Enemy

When you are nervous in an interview, you may come across as not having what it takes, trying to fake it or even out-right lying.

Use this 8 page guide to help you control your nerves and be the picture of confidence in an interview!
Bonus #5 - Your Personal Copy of Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Rich

Is It Money, Fame, Power, Contentment, Peace of Mind, Happiness?

The Thirteen Steps to Riches described in this 175 page book offer the shortest dependable philosophy of individual achievement ever presented for the benefit of the man or woman who is searching for a definite goal in life.
Take control of your future and create the security you desire for less than the cost of dinner out for two! 
This bundle Is Not Available anywhere Else!
limited time offer!
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
I am honestly and truly doing my best to help you be successful and if you feel I failed at that, I will give you a complete refund.
Look, I Was There Once...
I was that person. The one afraid to make waves, to stand up for myself. I NEEDED my job income. Once I knew without a doubt that I could get a job no matter what the existing circumstances were for myself - or the economy - everything changed.

Take advantage of this one-time special offer to change your circumstances. You can be in charge of your future starting right now. 

Remember, you could be just one interview away from having exactly what you want.

-Teresa Bennett
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The Business Analyst Interview Success Bundle!
  • ​Your Guide To Successful BA Interviews ($57 Value)
  • ​IT Analyst Interview Q&A and Resume Tips ($9 Value)
  • ​On The BA Job Market Presentation ($9 Value)
  • ​Interview Follow-Up Templates ($7 Value)
  • ​Guide To Improving Your Memory ($17 Value)
  • ​Guide To Achieving Your Goals ($17 Value)
  • ​​Why You Get Nervous And How To Stop It ($7 Value)
  • Your Personal Copy of Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Rich (Priceless!)
Total Value: $123
But today, you're getting all of this...
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